Saying ‘I do’ amidst the beach is a dream of many. So allow Grand Ocean to put it together.

Situated on the shores of the Red Sea, Grand Ocean emits aesthetic delight. A blend of the dreamlike location with exceptional hotel services. The perfect combination for those planning for a fairy-tale wedding.

Driven by the strive for perfection, Hotel Grand Ocean cheerily participates in Sokhna beach wedding journeys by providing an excellent platform to create romantic memories. Located just a bit over an hour from Cairo, Grand Ocean’s elite wedding venue gives you and your loved one exclusive access to a unique collection of experiences.

The ideal resort setting accommodates over 300 guests. From intimate wedding ceremonies to significant, pompous joyful events, the hotel’s elegance showered all.

Grand Ocean’s experienced assistants take charge of everything that goes into the backdrop. Prioritizing personalization; from décor to accommodation, everything is taken care of well in advance. Unique facilities are intricately curated for visitors to live moments of joy.

When the bride walks down the aisle in the hotel’s exclusive venue, hand-in-hand with the groom, her heart experiences immense joy. After days of planning and envisioning the perfect wedding, she now sees it all coming together perfectly and effortlessly.

Amidst the mirrored blue sky in the tranquil sea, the floral chuppah appears divine. Luxurious sun scenes, rejuvenating and untainted sea air amid beautiful sea shielded by the coastline is a view to behold.

Exchange lifetime vows on the beach with Grand Ocean’s customized wedding packages. The rich legacy of the hotel continues to offer personalization, catering to precise desires and turning them into lifetime experiences. So carry home some memorable moments, unforgettable experiences, and spectacular views.

Grand Ocean is on a journey to make warm wedding chapters of you and your loved one’s life precious, magical, and memorable.

Opening Hours: 09:00AM - 10:00PM

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