Buckle up; it’s time to have the best time of your life.

For a moment to relax inside the hotel or engage in recreational activities, Grand Ocean has an array of offers.

Loosen up and relax on the beach while fresh, untainted sea waves aid unwinding.

When you need some yang, you could go for a group volleyball play, a Zumba dance, a fun banana boat, or a jet ski experience.

After a flush of activities, you would be ready to yin and wind down with some beach yoga.

The hotel has an animation team responsible for entertaining both kids and adults. In addition, they offer day and night activities.

The team offers high spirit dancing, fascinating games, and zestful aerobics for adults in the morning. These programs are exclusive for you to have the time of your life.

As the sun sets and night approaches, the spirited nights dedicated to kids set up. Delightful theatre and lively mini-disco nights become part of it.

This beach vacation carries home independent, bright, and fit children. Grand Ocean’s kids’ club grants them priceless experiences, making them ready to seize the world as adults. So rejuvenate under the umbrella and enjoy some memorable moments of joy.

According to Covid-19 Precautions we are closed for now!
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