Kids Entertainment in Grand Hotel in Sokhna Egypt

Located in the heart of the red sea, Grand Ocean is a luxurious and family-oriented hotel. We are striving to achieve high levels of sophistication and fun. Grand Ocean’s kid’s club is a complimentary benefit for families traveling to Sokhna during the holidays.

This voguish land caters to kids of all ages, from three to teens and adults alike. It is during such vacations, that parents bond with their children and enjoy the quality time spent together.

This safe and cheerful environment at Grand Ocean’s kid’s club allows children to learn and grow while they immerse themselves in fun and frolic activities throughout the day.

The significance of outdoor activities during the growth years of children has never been more critical. Every water sport in Grand Ocean’s kids' Aqua targets the development of your little one’s personality, confidence, self-reliance, and resilience.

Thrilling activities in the kids' aqua have specially trained lifeguards available at all times. For an added level of care, an experienced kids' supervisor is present indoor and outdoor at the kids club all day long. As a result, parents could enjoy a romantic breakfast or dinner without having to worry about their children’s safety.

When couples avail themselves of the well-deserved break, children stay indulged in exuberant fun.

Grand Ocean’s animation team also has lots of programs lined up for children. They lead a high spirit dancing class, fascinating games, and zestful aerobics to keep the little ones safely occupied in the morning. These sessions are exclusive for kids to have the time of their lives.

As the sun sets and night approaches, the spirited nights dedicated to the little ones, set up. Delightful theatre and lively mini-disco nights are part of it.

This beach vacation is a time for your children to move around in delight and safety while you and your partner enjoy a worry-free vacation.

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Kids Club: From 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Playground
  • Mini Club
  • Mini Disco
  • Sports Activities
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Painting
  • Movie Time
  • Children from 4yrs till 14 yrs are applicable to use our kids club

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